American Sahara is the website and blog of American Sahara, Incorporated, a communications and partner management company. We provide marketing, communications, and event management services for adventure travel companies.

Communication is our greatest resource. We believe that good communication is fundamental to a successful business. And we know that miscommunication is often the root cause of failure.

Every business has a story to tell. Telling people who you are and what you do is key. To succeed, you must help customers understand how you can help them.

All too often, companies talk at their prospective customers rather than to them. Or better yet, with them. To be more successful, find out what your customers want and then give it to them. Focus more on benefits than on features. Speak the buyer’s language rather than the seller’s. Build a relationship, rather than just close a sale.

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J. Brandon, president, American Sahara, Inc.

J. Brandon; photo by Nick Taylor.

J. Brandon is the founder and president of American Sahara, Incorporated.

J. has worked in electronic, broadcast, and print media for more than two decades. In Silicon Valley, he managed web communications and marketing for industry giants and start-ups in emerging e-book and digital photography technologies. He began developing online communities in the late 1990s, nearly ten years before this was called social media.

He has authored magazine and newspaper articles, written and produced marketing and training videos, appeared on television and worked on productions for the Discovery Channel and the Walt Disney Company.

J. has worked in manufacturing facilities building composite sails for Americas Cup racing yachts and in the Sierra Nevada leading backcountry trips in Jeeps and Hummers and on ATVs and snowmobiles. Since childhood, he has been exploring the remote backcountry of the American West and beyond. A strong proponent of shared use and responsible recreation on public lands, he is a Tread Lightly Master Trainer.